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Pet Photography FAQ’s

Currently based in Long Island City, New York. We serve clients all over the area… New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. We come to you with our portable studio!

We now also book sessions in other parts of the country!

Simply put… Creativity, Quality and Fun!

We come to your home with a small, portable-studio. Complete with lights umbrellas, softboxes, backgrounds, and state of the art photography gear.
Very little room is needed for the session, we can make the tiniest of apartments work for your session.
When possible, we will also shoot around your home/yard for even more variety and uniqueness to choose from.
Sessions generally take an hour or two (not including our set-up and packing up). Sessions with a family portrait may last longer.
We never look at our watch, our main goal is to have the best possible images we can get of your pet and you. If we need to stay longer than the hour included in your session, we will gladly do so without charging any overtime fees (it is up to your photographer to decide whether they have the shots they came for or not).
After your session we edit your entire session, Images are corrected for color and brightness/contrast and some will get special effects so that you have options to choose from.

Once you select the portraits you like from your on-line gallery, it takes about 2 weeks to receive your professional prints in the mail.

Currently we are booking weekday morning and afternoon sessions.

Please try to book your pet photography session at least 3 weeks in advance. (over 6 weeks advance notice when a weekend is the only option).
We like simplicity. The focus of your pet’s portrait should be your pet, not the background.

We normally bring a few different (solid color) background to our sessions. we also use your home, and the furniture in the pictures, for a more personalized look.

These sessions are usually a bit of teamwork, and owners get to be part of the action. That may mean standing right there making silly noises or screaming out things like “Park”, “Treats” or “Wanna go out???”.

Treats are usually used as a last resort.

Yes , we can work with you on any special idea you may have, or you can leave it up to us to come up with something a little different.

All in all we try to have some unique shots in every session, We do not have a set formula we use with every client. Anything from personality, to coat color may lead us to that special idea that would be perfect for your pet!

We also have our pupart pieces for your consideration.

Sure, the cost of adding an additional pet to your pet photography session is just a fraction of the initial session fee. Please visit the Pricing page for current pricing.
We serve clients all over the tri-state area, Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services. We work anywhere in NY, NJ & CT, (Travel Fees may apply)
We like to recommend a nice long walk before the session for dogs who are hyper and over excited. It usually makes for a calmer dog during the shoot.

Also please try to have your dog groomed before your session, and have some treats and squeaky toy ready if possible.